Judging Explained -

Materials & Fabrics - 1 - 20 points given

● Which materials and fabrics did the team choose and why? (Just the choices of the materials and fabrics themselves, not how they were created, altered, cut, or manipulated in any way.)

● Does the team know what would have been done in period? Can they explain why they did things differently?

● Did the model request specific things that would go against what was normally done in period?

● Was there a cost factor involved (either the budget being small or the period fabric being prohibitively expensive)?

Fit - 1 - 20 points given

● How well does the outfit fit the model’s body type?

● Does the model have any special needs that would include a departure from the period fit? (e.g., scoliosis)

● Does the model have any special requests that would depart from a period fit? (e.g., make the hem shorter so it doesn’t drag in the mud because the fabric is expensive)

● Does the fit of the every piece of the outfit seem appropriate and work together? (underwear, outerwear, and accessories all fit and fit together)

Scope - 1 - 20 points given

● How much did the team attempt as a whole on site?

● Is the scope attempted appropriate for the historical time period?

● Is the scope attempted appropriate to the skill level of the team as a whole and each of its members?

● What accessories were chosen to compliment the outfit? (Not necessarily made, which would be covered under a “Accessories Made on Site” section)

Workmanship - 1 - 20 points given

● What new skills did each member of the team learn while working on this project?

● How well did the team appear to work together? (taking into account the stress of working for nearly 24 hours non-stop in close proximity to one another)

● For those portions of the outfit that were completed, what was the finish like on those items and was it appropriate for the time period of the outfit?

Completeness - 1 - 20 points given

The completeness of the outfit does not stand on the merit of the outfit being done, finished, entirely sewn, or in any other way “ready to hand over to the model never to be touched by the participants for one more little thing”. For example, an outfit could get full points even with the sleeves pinned rather than sewn on and the hem incomplete.

● Is the garment complete enough to give a good idea of how it would appear when it is finished?

● What items were added to the outfit that were more as an afterthought, rather than being part of the original plan? For example, the team thought they’d finish early so they added a veil and a pouch.

Inspiration and Vindication - 1 - 25 points given

Although judges do not require complete documentation (other than for the Master-level participants), they appreciate seeing pictures, drawings, or research materials that inspired the team’s choices.

● How did the team or the model justify the materials, design, and construction of the outfit?

● Was the justification appropriate for the team’s knowledge level and access to the research materials for that culture?

Accessories Made on Site - 1 - 25 points given

● What was made on site to compliment the outfit?

● What was made off site (instead of on site due to site rules, number of people on the team, or complexity of the accessories themselves) to compliment the outfit?

Judges WOW Factor - 1 - 50 points given

The points in this category can be given out by a judge for any reason whatsoever. Typically they look for anything that impresses the bejeesus out of them.


Additional Judges Comments

These comments here to help the team improve their skill or their documentation, and improve their knowledge overall. They are not intended to criticize in any way or belittle the amazing efforts the team attempted, even if the outfit was not completed.

last updated 1015/2018
by Baroness Gwynnyd

Eighteenth Annual Quest for the Golden Seamstress