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by Baroness Gwynnyd
QS Arms
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The Baronesses Isabella, Una, Catherine-Aimée, Iasmine and Gwynnyd of Roaring Wastes invite you to show us your costuming skills

For the fifteenth year, the seamstresses of the Middle Kingdom will take up the challenge to create a complete set of garments, from the skin out, in twenty hours.

Teams of from 1 to 6 active members are to start at 10 PM Friday and continue to 6 PM on Saturday.

Team members are expected to remain on-site during the competition.

A tavern will be available on Saturday for lunch and dinner, sponsored by the Barony of Roaring Wastes.

Site Fee:$10 for competitors - $5 non-competitors - plus non-member surchage

This event is autocrated by

Lady Rhuah Jonsdottir

Lady Bronah Inghean Mathgamba

To Register a Team - click here. Number of team spots taken - 0


Check the FAQ or Judging Explained

You are welcome to email or phone

Lady Rhuah - 734 283 2361

(no calls after 10 PM)


The autocrat would appreciate it if each team brought their own broom and dust pan to clean up their area. All rooms have wood and tile floors, except the sleeping room, which is carpeted.

It is suggested that you bring your own task lighting, such as floor lamps or table lamps.


Laurels may work on teams. We encourage Laurels not on teams to attend and serve as consultants-at-large to the various teams or as judges.


This site is larger. Whether or not there will be merchants is still TBD. If you might be interested in merchanting, please let us know.


We're sorry, this is not a kid friendly event or site. Children are welcome if they are a model or part of team, but be aware that unless you keep them busy there is nothing for them to do. Please make sure your children are supervised at all times by someone who is not working on a team.


There will be a raffle of donated fabric and goods to benefit The Canton of Brackendelve's Marshaled activities fund, or, if necessary, to offset the costs of the event.

Donations of fabric, minimum of one yard, or trim, minimum of one yard, are encouraged. A great excuse to clean out that wonderful stuff you just can't find a use for.


Rules in brief: Click here for The Complete Rules (There have been no rules changes since 2013.) Judging Explained is now available.

You will choose one level and one category to compete in:

Novice Seamstress:

Advanced Seamstress:

Master Seamstress:

Decision of the judges is final.


Early period - 600 to 1100 (i.e.: Byzantine, Saxon, Viking)
Middle period - 1100 to 1450( i.e.: Burgundian, Houppelandes, Cotehardies)
Late period - 1450 to 1600 (i.e.: Renaissance, Tudor, Elizabethan) 

If more than 3 entries are received in other categories, such as Middle Eastern or Oriental, additional categories will be added.

Fifteenth Annual Quest for the Golden Seamstress

April 8 - 9, 2016

Historic Fort Wayne
Visitor Center (Gymnasium)
6325 West Jefferson Ave.
Detroit MI 48209
Sponsored by
The Canton of Brackendelve